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Ikaria, the easy-going island of Icarus

Ikaria ● 02 August 2017

According to the mythology, Ikaria took its name from Icarus, the son of Daedalus. Daedalus has built the labyrinth of King Minos' palace in Crete, where Minotaur lived. Minotaur was the monster, which was created by the union of a bull and the wife of Minos, Pasiphae. Daedalus and his son, Icarus, kept captive there, but they managed to escape by making wings from feathers and wax. However, Icarus flew so close to the sun that the wax melted, the wings were destroyed, and he fell into the sea.

Ikaria is characterised by the green nature, the cozy and traditional villages, the wonderful secluded beaches, the easy-going people, the relaxing character and the festivals that last the whole summer. These are the best things to do in Ikaria.

Halari Gorge

Halari Gorge, which is located near Nas Beach, is an ideal place to get familiar with the natural beauty of Ikaria. Lakes, planes trees, stone-built bridges and waterfalls are waiting for those, who want to stroll around. The Gorge has also beautiful hiking paths and routes to be explored.

Agios Kirikos

Agios Kirykos Ikaria is the capital of the island and its second largest port. It is considered one of the most picturesque settlements of Aegean Sea. Neoclassical houses, flowered balconies and narrow streets create an amazing picture. In Agios Kirykos Ikaria, you can admire the Archaeological Collection, which is housed in the building of High School and has findings of the Neolithic and Classical Period.

Agios Kirikos

Ancient Springs

Only 2 km from Agios Kirykos Ikaria, are located the ancient springs, which have been very popular for hydrotherapy since 4th century B.C. There, you can still find the vestiges and the ruins of the ancient baths. Nearby, is located the small village of Therma Ikarias, which is perfect to relax and eat in a traditional Greek tavern.


 Armenistis Ikaria is a lovely fishing village, which is the main touristic resort of the island, but it has managed to keep its authentic and unspoiled character. White-washed houses and small chapels will remind you of Cyclades. Nearby, is situated a wonderful beach with the same name.


Evdilos Ikaria is the main port of the island and a beautiful village by the sea, which is built amphitheatrically around a natural bay. Neoclassical buildings with unique architecture, traditional mansions and impressive alleys constitute the ultimate summer destination.



Fourni Ikarias is a tiny island with turquoise waters near Ikaria. On this isolated and untouched island, you can spend one or two days during your vacations in Ikaria. It is a remote, fishing island where you can find total peace and privacy.

Fourni island


Kambos is a small village, which is developing as a nice tourist resort. The best thing to see in Kambos is the Archaeological Museum, which is hosted in a two-storey Neoclassical House and will impress you with its findings from the Neolithic until the Hellenistic Period. Near Kambos, you can swim in the homonymous sandy beach.

Other beaches

The most famous beaches of Ikaria, in addition to Kambos and Armenistis, are Seychelles, Livadi, Nas and Mesakti. The main characteristic of these beaches is that they have crystal waters, white sand and are secluded, offering you the best experience of relaxation and connection to natural beauty.

Seycheles Beach

Where to Stay

Studio & Appartment in Ikaria, Greece Studio Froso
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Studio Froso
Chrisostomos, 83300 Ikaria, Greece

Studio Froso is located in Chrisostomos, an 18-minute drive from Agios Kirykos Port. Evdilos Port is 20 km away.