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Ionian Islands

Corfu ● Eptanisa ● Ithaca ● Kefalonia ● Kithira ● Lefkada ● Paxoi ● Zante ● 13 July 2016

The island complex of the Ionian Sea

Eptanisa (seven islands) or the islands of the Ionia Sea, are located in western Greece. This island group is composed of Corfu (Kerkyra), Zakynthos , Ithaca, Kefalonia , Lefkada , Paxoi and Kithyra . They are all beautiful islands with wonderful natural sceneries, full of rich, leafy plantation.

The magical beaches with crystal clear waters,the huge imposing buildings, the Venetian Castles nd the traditional stony pathways, compose a faitytale and romantic scenery which travels the visitors in old times.


Corfu might be the most cosmopolitan between the Ionian islands but its traditional villages, surounded by dence plantation which reaches the sea, will transfer you to another era.

Ithaca, is a waterless, infertile island. Yet it inspired Homer to name it as Oddyseus homeland. With its friendly residents, is the ideal island for relaxing holidays.


In Zakynthos you can visit notable monasteries which can be found all around the island and also enjoy the endless sandy beaches with the jade sea.

Kefalonia is the biggest island of the Ionia complex. The natural scenery is dominant all over the island. It will put a spell on you due to its picturesque lakes, golden sands and natural caves, which wiil make your vacation memorable.


Kithyra, known as Aphrodite's island is a peacefull location for non stressful holidays. There sightseeing lovers will have the opportunity to visit byzantine, venetian and english monuments.


Beautiful Lefkada was named Saint Mavra (black in Greek) by the Venetians but it is not black at all. It haw some of the most famous beaches, with crystall clear waters, known not only in Greece but all over the world. Some of them are Kathisma, Egremnoi, Porto Katsiki.

Paxoi is the smallest of the Ionian islands. It is also a leafy island, full of wonderful coasts and sea caves. A small heaven on earth.

Where to Stay

Appartment in Corfu, Greece Kerkyra Beach Apartments
Kerkyra Beach Apartments
Benitses, 49084 Corfu, Greece

Kerkyra Beach Apartments is located in Benitses Village, just a 3-minute walk from the beach. Corfu Port is 14.3 km away while Corfu International Airport is 12.3 km away.