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Mountainous Cyprus: a beautiful marriage of nature and tradition

Cyprus ● 16 August 2017

On the slopes of mountain Troodos, only 40 km from Larnaca, Pano Lefkara is one of the most beautiful villages of Cyprus. The village has a long tradition in embroidery, and the legend says that Leonardo Da Vinci visited Pano Lefkara in 1481 and bought handmade lace, which he donated to Milan's Duomo. Thus, it is worthwhile to visit the Museum of Traditional Embroidery and Silversmithing as well as Rouvi, the shop where you can find handicrafts made by the women of the village.

Nearby, there is a nice hamlet, Kato Drys with a charming Folk Art Museum, which is housed in a neoclassical building of the 19th century, and the interesting Museum of Bees and Embroidery. There, you will find a fascinating collection of farming and beekeeping tools. The little village of Farmakas is also a stunning place, famous for its wineries and traditional age-old vineyards.

In Palaichori, the Church of Metamorfosis tou Sotiros (=Transformation of God) is a UNESCO World Heritage with magnificent murals of the 16th century. In the Museum of Byzantine Heritage, you can admire the noteworthy relics. On the top of the cliff in Palaichori, the view is breathtaking, and the statue dedicated to the Cypriot Mother impressive. Zivania pomace brandy and other local products, such as cold meats, can be found in the non-profit store of the village To Palaichori mas, Mia Paradosi.

Askas in Cyprus

Spend the evening in the village of Askas, a dreamy little village with a population of less than 200 inhabitants, and old olive mill and a church with some amazing murals.

The village of Agros is located at an altitude of 1,000 meters in the region of Pitsilia, and it is home to the Frangoulides Museum, which is dedicated to the work of pioneering Cypriot artist Solon Frangoulides. In the village, you will find many shops with beauty products, spoon sweets, deli meats and homemade marmalades.

Kyperounta is the biggest mountainous village of Cyprus with three interesting museums dedicated to Natural History, Folk Art and National Liberation Struggle. Just outside the village, the Adventure Mountain Park offers fun family activities, such as paintball, rock climbing, ice skating and hiking.

Kakopetria is a village with lush greenery. The old quarter is a perfect opportunity to stroll around, breathe fresh air and admire the impressiveness of nature.

Kalopanagiotis is a small village, popular for its therapeutic springs, the agritourism resorts and the recently restored old quarter. Worth visiting is the Monastery of Agios Ioannis Lambadistis, which is a UNESCO World Heritage. In the monastery, there is an icon room with one of the oldest Byzantine icons of Cyprus, which depicts the enthroned Virgin Mary holding the infant. In Kalopanagiotis village, you should also stop at the Venetian bridge on Setrachos River as well as at Kyknos Watermill, which is an important example of pre-industrial technology.

Prodromos is located at an altitude of 1,400 meters, right below Olympus, the highest peak of Cyprus. Near Prodromos, is situated the Mount Olympus ski resort, while on the southern side the waterfalls of Caledonia and Millomeri are astonishing.