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The amazing Climbing Festival of Kalymnos

Dodecanese ● Kalymnos ● 17 September 2017

Kalymnos is located on the northern side of Dodecanese, in a very close distance to Turkey. In the past and until the end of 20th century, local people used to make their living from sponge fishing. Today, this activity has declined due to its significant dangers, but you can find many sponge sellers at the beachfront of Pothia, the capital of the island.

Kalymnos is a relaxing, family-friendly island with picturesque architecture, lovely beach resorts and beautiful promenades by the sea. Very interesting is Telendos, the small island near Kalymnos, which is a popular nudist destination. You should definitely visit it during your vacations in Kalymnos, if you want to explore a totally off-the-beaten-path place and an alternative way of living and spending your holidays. Kalymnos is also located in a close distance to other Dodecanese islands, such as Patmos, Leros and Kos, so you can easily combine your vacations in Kalymnos with these islands for a top island-hopping experience.


Kalymnos is characterised by the wild rocky mountains, which are ideal for climbing. This is why the island turned into a climbing destination over the last years and developed important sports tourism that is vivid also during the off season.

In 1996, the world famous climber from Italy Andrea di Bari visited Kalymnos for his summer vacations. What impressed him was the excellent quality of the rock and the huge potential of the area in climbing. Thus, he returned again and again. Climbers from all over the world began coming to Kalymnos as world spread of giant cliffs and seaside ambience. Surrounded by some of the finest limestone crags in the world, as the Grande Grotta cave forms a giant limestone amphitheatre, Kalymnos became a climber's paradise.

As a part of a series of measures to develop and promote Kalymnos as international climbing destination, the Municipality of Kalymnos organises every year in autumn the Climbing Festival, which this year will take place on 6-8 October.

Get ready for this amazing event that tests your limits and shows you the spectacular mountainous beauty of the island of Kalymnos! This event is an excellent opportunity to explore a Greek island (and also, if you want, the nearby Dodecanese islands) during the off season. Then, you can find top accommodation deals in Kalymnos, enjoy the authentic hospitality of the locals and admire the beautifully melancholic scenery of autumn, while the weather is still good and the sea warm and ideal for swimming.

Where to Stay

Appartment in Kalymnos, Greece Elena Village
Elena Village
Armeos, 85200 Kalymnos, Greece

Elena Village is located on the west side of the remote island of Kalymnos, opposite the island of Telendos. This family-run business is 8 km away from Kalymnos Airport, while the harbor is within a 20-minute drive.

Hotel in Kalymnos, Greece Oasis Hotel
Oasis Hotel
Masouri, 85200 Kalymnos, Greece

Oasis Hotel is located in Masouri, just 50 meters from the sandy beach. Pothia Port is 10.4 km away. Kalymnos National Airport is 8.2 km away.

Hotel & Studio in Kalymnos, Greece Mary Popi
Mary Popi
Platys Gialos, Panormos, 85200 Kalymnos, Greece

Mary Popi is situated in a quiet location near the popular summer resort Panormos in Kalymnos, just 250 meters from Platys Gialos beach. Kalymnos Island National Airport is at 5 km, while the main port of Kalymnos, Pothia, is 7 km away from the property. The center of Panormos village can be reached within 10 minutes on foot.