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The best events on the Greek islands

Aegina ● Ikaria ● Kalymnos ● Samothrace ● Spetses ● Syros ● 22 August 2017

The Greek islands are famous worldwide not only for their amazing beaches, traditional towns and villages and the delicious creative Greek cuisine you can taste there. They are also popular for they organise during summer and autumn interesting events and festivals that bring out the culture of each destination and give the visitors alternative opportunities to spend an unforgettable, unique day having fun and learning new things.

Armata, Spetses

On the hill above the old port of Spetses, the cosmopolitan island near Athens, the Church of Panagia Armata (=Armed Virgin), which was built in 1824, is the symbol of the Greek battle against the Ottoman Empire. The church commemorates the defeat of the Ottoman fleet during a naval battle in Spetses. Every September, in the festival of Armata, is celebrated this victory and the miracle of Armed Virgin. A wooden boat, which is used as an effigy of the Turkish boat in 1821 during the Greek revolution, is constructed a week before the festival. At the day of the festival, all Greek boats approach this effigy, which busts into flames and fireworks, while a commentary outlines the history of the battle and people scream with delight. The show and the fireworks display are very impressive and gather thousands of visitors, who give Spetses a festive atmosphere.


Pistachio Festival, Aegina

In September, the Fistiki (=pistachio) Fest in Aegina is a major festive event, which wants to promote the cultivation of this unique product on Aegina. The pistachio of Aegina entered the list of products with Protected Designation of Origin thanks to its fame with the name of the island and its unique flavour that is different from other places. The Fistiki Fest is the largest commercial and economic event in the area with more than 20,000 visitors. The visitors will find there sweet and salty gastronomic delicacies from pistachio as well as creations of pottery, jewellery, craft and arts in green and fuchsia colours, the colours of the pistachio. The festival offers also its visitors numerous possibilities of culture and entertainment. Many famous Greek singers and composers participate in the Opening Ceremony, and on the island, you can also find artistic exhibitions as well as interactive games for the children.


Panigiria, Ikaria

Ikaria is famous all over Greece for its "panigiria", the summer feast days, where you can have fun, eat the local cuisine and dance the famous Ikarian dance. Panigiria are celebrations, which are connected with religious holidays and Saints, but are something more than just religious celebrations. They are an opportunity to meet the local people, make new friends, eat, drink and dance in out-door areas, and generally feel the festive atmosphere of summer in Ikaria. Panigiria are a tradition in Ikaria, where the residents of all nearby villages gather in one village, play live-music, dance traditional Greek dances and offer their hospitality to all visitors. The season starts in May and ends in November, but most panigiria take place in July and August. Wine, delicious dishes of the local cuisine and demotic Greek music create the most festive atmosphere you can imagine. Panigiria typically start in the early afternoon and last until the next morning! The most famous feast is the panigiri of Virgin Mary on15th August. Celebrations take place all over the island, but the most prominent locations are the villages of Christos Rachon and Lagada.

Aurora Festival, Samothrace

The last days of August, you can enjoy in Samothrace an alternative festival with trance, psychedelic and spiritual music. The most impressive thing with that festival is that it takes place in one of the most mystical archaeological sites and centres of ancient Greece, the sanctuary of ancient Gods. The island was a major religious centre for the whole ancient world thanks to the reputation of this sanctuary and the mystical character of the worship of the Great Gods. The temple complex housed once the famous statue of Victory of Samothrace, which is now prominently displayed at the Louvre Museum. Around this place during the festival, visitors can camp and enjoy the unspoilt area, while having fun in this progressive music event.

Diving Festival, Kalymnos

Kalymnos is the sponge-divers island and a scuba-diving paradise. In July, the diving Festival is the most spectacular event on the island with a fascinating range of activities, which require no participation fees! Visits to diving museums, underwater photographs, seminars for diving techniques and water games are waiting for you to introduce you to the magical world of the seabed.

Festival of the Aegean, Syros

In July, the lovers of classical music can have a great time in Syros. At Miaouli Square, in the Apollo Theatre, which is a reminiscent of La Scala in Milan, and in the aristocratic neighbourhood of Vaporia, internationally known artists perform operas, concerts and other musical presentations that give Syros a charming atmosphere.

Where to Stay

Hotel in Korinthos, Greece Hotel Korinthos
Hotel Korinthos
26, Damaskinou Str., 20100 Korinthos, Greece

Hotel Korinthos is set in a very central location in the town of Korinthos, very close to shops and restaurants. The Archaeological site of Ancient Korinthos is just 8 km away. Athens International Airport is 111 km away.

Hotel & Appartment in Chalkidiki, Greece Lagaria Hotel Apartments
Lagaria Hotel Apartments
Afitos, 63077 Chalkidiki, Greece

Lagaria Hotel & Apartments is located in a traditional village of Afitos within a 10-minute walk from the beach. Thessaloniki Airport is a 50-minute drive away and the lively center of Thessaloniki is at 87 km.

Studio & Appartment in Lipsi, Greece Mira Mare Studios
Mira Mare Studios
Lipsi, 85001 Lipsi, Greece

Mira Mare Studios is centrally located in Lipsi Town, just a 7-minute walk from the Port. Lientou beach is a 10-minute walk away.