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The elegant nightlife of Santorini

Aegean islands ● Cyclades ● Santorini ● 26 June 2017

Santorini is an island that has amazing things to offer to its visitor. Beaches with extraordinary beauty, traditional stunning villages overlooking the caldera and the volcano and in general a romantic atmosphere, which is perfect for couples in love, are the best known assets of this astonishing island. However, Santorini is not only that. It is also a vivid place with many clubs and bars that are perfect for young people, who want to combine their vacations in a wonderful place with having fun, drinking and dancing all day and night long. Santorini has the great advantage that it can combine both things, the romanticism and the wild nightlife for those, who want something more in their holidays than admiring the beauty of the landscape. The hottest part scene in Santorini is Fira Santorini, while the other village of the island, Oia is more romantic and ideal for lounge music and cocktails enjoying the view of caldera. The beaches of Kamari and Perissa are the most crowded and youthful beach scenes, where you can party by the sea.

Fira Santorini is the capital of the island, the biggest town with view of the caldera and the ultimate nightlife spot. It is the most vivid part of Santorini, where you can do anything you want: relax and spend romantic moments or party with your friends in one of the numerous bars. All kind of shops, like restaurants, cafés, boutiques and night clubs can be found here, but in the summer, Fira Santorini gets very crowded, and thousands of tourists take a walk in its traditional pebbled streets.

The party in Fira Santorini begins and ends at the central square of the village, which during the summer period is full of young people ready to spend the time of their life. The oldest, largest and most popular club in Fira Santorini is Koo Club, which has two sides. On the one side, you can chill out and drink your cocktail, while on the other side is the dance scene, where the action never stops. Another legendary club is Enigma, which was established in 1979 and stands out due to its unique Greek palace-style interior. Other popular clubs in Fira Santorini are the Tropical, Casablanca Soul, Murhy's Bar and Two Brothers Bar. Don't expect the party to get started before midnight in these clubs.

Oia by night

On the opposite side of the island, on the beaches of Kamari Beach (Santorini) and Perissa Beach (Santorini), there is another type of nightlife. Open-air beach bars gather young people, who want to drink and dance after swimming and sunbathing. The party there starts in the afternoon and ends before midnight, so that everybody can get rest for a while before the party afterwards in Fira Santorini. Taboo in Perissa Santorini has a trendy and cool style, while Question Mark Beer House serves 70 different kinds of beer from all over the world. Dom Club is the number one nightspot in Kamari Santorini and one of the liveliest clubs in Santorini, which attracts all kinds of party people.