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The virgin and charming beaches of Kythnos

Cyclades ● Kythnos ● 21 August 2018

Kythnos is one of the last hidden gems in Greece. Although it is located in the island complex of the Cyclades, very close to Athens, only a few have explored this majestic island. It is really weird how this beautiful destination has remained so untouched away from mass tourism. It is a typically Cycladic island with white washed as well as neoclassical houses and traditional architecture. But the most impressive thing with Kythnos is that it has more than 80 beaches. And some of them are really impressive, exotic paradises hidden in the Aegean Sea. Discover them and get ready to dive into turquoise waters away from the crowds!

The star

Definitely the star of Kythnos and one of the best beaches in the Cyclades is Kolona, a narrow strip of golden sand, which connects the island with the small islet of Agios Loukas. It is a two-side beach, where you can go from one side to the other in less than one minute and enjoy swimming wherever you want. Emerald waters, soft sand and the white chapel of Saint Loukas at the top of the cliff create the ultimate summer picture of an exotic heaven on earth. The beach is not organised, but there is a gourmet restaurant at the edge of the bay, where you can eat or drink your cocktail. Moreover, there is a small cantina and some sunbeds and umbrellas 200 meters before reaching the beach. To go to Kolona, you have to drive through a dirt road (about 2km) from Apokrousi beach. If you don't like that, there is the alternative to take the small boat (every one hour) from Merixa Kythnos port.


The organised beaches

Kythnos has only a few organised beaches. But the good news is that these beach bars are definitely worth the visit and are really cheap. Martinakia beach, the closest beach to the port, is a small bay with crystal waters that has one of the best beach bars in the Cyclades. A boho-style restaurant with gourmet Greek cuisine, cocktails and relaxing atmosphere that makes you feel like being in Mykonos. Episkopi is a wonderful beach with tamarisk trees very close to the Chora, which has also a beautiful beach bar, where you can spend your whole day, while Apokrousi, another organised beach, looks similar to Episkopi. You can make a stop there, and then go to the neighbouring Kolona. It is very promising, especially for those travelling in the high season, that these beaches, even the star Kolona, get not very crowded, and you can really enjoy calm moments.

The totally virgin beaches

On the other hand, Kythnos has literally numerous untouched beaches. The choices are countless. Gaidouromantra, Skylos, Naousa, Kanala, Kalo Livadi, Agios Sostis, Megali Ammos. Whenever you go, to Chora, to the port, to the church of Panagia Kanala or to Loutra, you can find a beach to swim and admire the endless blue. Just open the map and choose an exotic bay, to the most of them there is road network, but you have to drive through easy dirt road for some kilometres. Remember, however, to take an umbrella or hat and water with you, because the beaches are totally virgin. There are only a few houses, but you will definitely find your inner peace and be in contact with nature.

Agios Sostis