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This is the island of sun suggested by Forbes

Cyclades ● Schinoussa ● 05 August 2017

Have you bored the popular Greek islands and you want an unspoiled heaven to spend your vacations? Do you want to avoid the all-inclusive hotels in Greece and the luxury facilities with thousands of tourists and instead to live an experience off-the-beaten-path? Schinoussa is your place, and it is not a coincidence that Forbes suggests it as one of the 6 "must see" destinations in Greece!

Schinoussa belongs to the island complex of the authentic and wonderful Small Cyclades. It is perfect for those seeking something different, calmness and extreme beauty. Wild landscape, great hospitality, unspoiled scenery and azure waters make Schinoussa a heaven on earth where you can explore something really unique, an undiscovered part of the Greek islands. The structures are undeveloped in Schinoussa, so be prepared to walk, since there are no taxis, no car rentals, and roads are minimal. However, by walking, you may explore the fantastic coastline of the island and feel like an explorer in a yet undiscovered place, where this small discomfort is part of the authenticity you can experience there. You can go to Schinoussa by boat from Piraeus Port or from Naxos by the local boat Skopelitis.


The nickname of Schinoussa is the island of the sun, and it is totally true. The sun shines on the island, mirroring on the turquoise waters of the sea and creating the ultimate picture of the Greek summer. A few white-washed houses on the cliff, stunning beaches with emerald waters and golden sand, smiling people, who treat you raki, and some lovely guesthouses and rooms to let by the sea or in the narrow streets of the Chora are everything you need to understand the beauty of this untouched oasis. Away from mass tourism, away from the crowds. Just you, your company and the sea. However, there is always the possibility that in Schinoussa you will meet artists and businessmen, who can appreciate the real beauty and the authentic atmosphere.

The cuisine of Schinoussa is delicious. Don't forget to taste the split peas (fava), which has been awarded in 2012 in the festival of Cycladic Gastronomy. Every day, you can eat fresh fish because the locals are still fishermen, and they provide the traditional taverns of the island with fresh fish and seafood at very low prices. Generally, Schinoussa, as an off-the-beaten-track destination, is one of the best options for vacations on a budget. Food, accommodation, drinks and transportations are very cheap, which means that you can stay on the island for more days than on famous, touristic islands.

The settlements of Schinoussa are three: the port, the Chora on the top of a cliff with a breathtaking view and the tiny Messaria on the northern site of the island. All villages reflect the atmosphere of the 50's, and you will feel like having travelled in the past. 18 stunning beaches are waiting for you to explore them, either on foot or by boat. The natural beauty of Schinoussa is extraordinary, as the island is part of the network Natura 2000. Impressive sand hills, crystal waters, rare plants and birds and the dry scenery of Cyclades create an extraordinary picture.

And remember, you only need a few hours to explore the whole island on foot. You can forget the cars, the traffic jam and your watch. Can you find anything more relaxing?