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Top beaches of Lefkada

Ionian islands ● Lefkada ● 23 November 2017

Lefkada is a famous Greek island due to two important things. First of all, Lefkada is located in a very close distance to mainland Greece, with which it is connected by a bridge. Thus, you can go from Preveza in western Greece to Lefkada by car. Of course, you can also find amazing ferry deals and visit Lefkada by ferry on a budget. Secondly, Lefkada is renowned for its beaches, and some of them belong to the best beaches in Greece. Read in this article about the top beaches in Lefkada and know where to swim in Lefkada during your next vacation in Greece.

Porto Katsiki

Porto Katsiki is considered among the 6 best beaches in the Mediterranean Sea. White sand, impressive waters and the imposing cliff above the cove create a picture that looks like an astonishingly beautiful painting. However, Porto Katsiki is one of the remotest beaches of Lefkada, 45 km south from Lefkada Town, but it is definitely worth the drive.

Porto Katsiki


With remarkably blue and clear waters, surrounded by white, impressive cliffs, the long sandy beach of Egremni is considered the best in the island of Lefkada as well as one of the best beaches in the Ionian Islands. It is partly organised, but you have to climb up and down a lot of stairs to reach Egremni.



Kathisma is a very good option to swim in Lefkada. It has turquoise sea waters and fine sand, but one of its biggest assets is that it is located in a close distance to Lefkada Town (15 km), is easily accessible by car, is organised and has vivid beach bars with all the facilities you may need.



Mylos is located between Agios Nikitas and Kathisma, 14 km from Lefkada Town. It is a secluded, unorganised beach, where you can go via a trekking passage. On this nudism-friendly beach, you can relax and enjoy the wonderful landscape with azure waters, golden sand and steep cliffs surrounding the beach.



Agiofili beach is located on the southern side of the island, 40 km away from Lefkada Town. It is a small, organised cove, which is ideal for the lovers of water-sports and especially wind-surfing. Thus, it is a family-friendly beach, where you can relax, while your kids have fun with the water-sports facilities.


Vassiliki in a close distance to Agiofili is the other popular wind-surfing spot in Lefkada and also a popular tourist resort. It is sandy, organised and has a diving club for the lovers of scuba diving as the seabed of Lefkada is very interesting.


Kavalikefta beach in Kalamitsi is one of the biggest surprises in Lefkada. This small cove with the azure waters has become very popular lately and is included in many lists with the best beaches in Mediterranean Sea. Lush greenery until the coastline and the calm scenery by these amazing waters are the top characteristics of this astonishing beach.


Nidri is one of the best organised beaches in Lefkada. Beach bars, numerous sunbeds and umbrellas, fish taverns, hotels and rooms to let by the sea make Nidri resort one of the most touristic in Lefkada.

Where to Stay

Villa in Lefkada, Greece Villa Veneziano
Villa Veneziano
Perigiali, Nydri, 31100 Lefkada, Greece

Villa Veneziano is located in Perigiali, approximately a 3-minute drive from the beach and a 5-minute drive from Nydri. Lefkada town is 14 km away.

Boutique Hotel in Lefkada, Greece Pirofani
10, Dorpfeld Str., 31100 Lefkada, Greece

Pirofani is located in the centre of Lefkada town, a 4-minute drive from Gira beach. Nydri Town is 16.4 km away.

Hotel in Lefkada, Greece Althea Studios
Althea Studios
Agios Nikitas, 31100 Lefkada, Greece

Althea Studios is located in the village of Agios Nikitas, just a 4-minute drive from the very popular beach of Kathisma. Lefkada town is 13 km away.