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Top destinations for the Greek Island Hopping with kids

Greece ● 19 December 2017

Here is what you need to know, planning your Greek vacation is going to be easy. Why you may ask. Well, because the majority of Greek islands have beaches suitable for children. Children of all ages will love to splash, play, and explore the azure waters, and the sea fauna. When I say children friendly beaches, I mean, beaches with gently sloping bottoms, which are suitable for wading, swimming, and snorkelling. Most beaches will have umbrellas, and chairs for rent, as well as toilets, and showers. When these amenities are not available, you will usually be able to find a side tavern that provides facilities.

Travelling with kids

What you need to remember:

•    Bring beach shoes for the entire family, because sea urchins can be nasty buggers, but apart from the bottom dweller sea urchins, the Mediterranean is a safe sea to swim in.

•    Beware of over sun exposure, and heat exhaustion. Make sure to wear hats, stay cool, and continuously apply sunscreen.


Greeks are very family oriented and love children. Be prepared that more traditional places will express interest and approach your kids. Bear in mind that the Americanized taboo against strangers petting your baby, toddler, or inviting a kid to a piggyback ride isn’t as dominant in Greece. These types of actions are meant to be friendly and innocent. In short, your family will find the Greek Islands family accommodating. However, it can take hours to ferry from island to island, and with kids, depending on their age this leg of the journey isn’t fun, and cooperative behaviour dies after a few hours.  Plan entertaining activities for these trips or island “hop” via flying, and bypass the hours at sea.

Where to go?

With young children, I would recommend going to an island that has an airport of its own, that way you avoid adding extra hours to your journey and can begin to make memories on the beach. Here are four Greek islands that have airports, as well as family-friendly island activities, and hotels.

Corfu is part of the Ionian island and is full of olive groves, cypresses, bushes, colourful anemones, and flowers. You can expect long sandy beaches with tons of marine flora. The Old Town of Corfu has Venetian, French, and British monuments and remarkable architecture. You can find family-friendly resorts, beachfront guesthouses, for all your comfort needs.

Crete is Greece’s largest island, located in the southern part of the Aegean Sea. Crete is one of Europe’s earliest civilizations and has everything form fine-sand beaches, to the White Mountains. The tallest of the mountains, Mt Ida, is home to the Ideon cave, which was the birthplace of Zeus. Aside from beach lounging, and aquarium going you can expect to take in the Archaeological Museum in Iraklion, housing Minoan artefacts, and a Bronze Age settlement, called Knossos. Crete has family-oriented resorts, 3-star hotels, and guesthouses all over the island either within seafront or mountain views. Be sure to join the Countryside, Wine, or Renaissance festival during your visit.

Zakynthos or Zante is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea. The harbour city of Zakynthos is the capital and significant hub around Solomos Square. Zante has many beaches, and olive and fruit groves surround impressive Venetian works of architecture. You will fill your days enjoying the azure waters, and learning how to protect the loggerhead sea turtles at the Marine Park, as well as day-trips to tiny cliff-top hamlets to catch the sunset. There are lots of well-organized resorts, in rooms, seafront hotel, and two rentable windmills.


Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese islands and is one of the most visited Greek islands. Rhodes is known for its ancient remnants of the Knights of St. John during the Crusades, and beach resorts. Be sure to stay in one of the many Rhodes family-friendly resorts, which offer numerous pools, open-aired theatres with daily-organized children activities. Or stay in a guesthouse in a village near secluded beaches. You can expect to wonder and explore the Old Town’s medieval street of the Knights, and the castle-like Palace of the Grand Masters, which is now a history museum. Rhodes also has an Aquarium, and a butterfly Valley, the whole family will enjoy. If you are in town in September, be sure to attend the medieval festival, and experience music, art, dance, and surrounding festivities. 

Where to Stay

Hotel in Pelion, Greece Hotel Despotiko
Hotel Despotiko
Portaria, 37011 Pelion, Greece

Hotel Despotiko is centrally located in the popular village of Portaria, Pelion. The Ski Centre of Pelion is just 15 km away. The town of Volos is 10 km away.

Hotel in Trikala, Greece Hotel Kroupi
Hotel Kroupi
Elati, 42032 Trikala, Greece

Hotel Kroupi is located in the popular resort of Elati. The Ski Center of Pertouli is just 12 km away. The town of Trikala is 32 km away.

Hotel in Drama, Greece Diamond City Living
Diamond City Living
14, Andrianoupoleos Str., 66100 Drama, Greece

Diamond City Living is set in a central location in the city of Drama close to shops and restaurants. The National Airport of Kavala is 80 km away.