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Unforgettable flavours in Greek islands

Amorgos ● Corfu ● Crete ● Skopelos ● 19 May 2017

The Greek cuisine, part of the Mediterranean, is known throughout the world. Its uniqueness lies on the fact that it combines culinary influences from the East and the West to create dishes with unique taste and imagination. Every part of Greece is rich in local products that give a characteristic flavor to food. Pies from Macedonia and Crete, the Aegean specialties with fish, recipes with oil from Peloponnese and a lot of ouzo and wine are just some of the special greek dishes. Combined with a comfortable stay in a Greek hotel, your holiday in Greece will be unforgetable. After trying the legendary dishes of moussaka, souvlaki and Greek salad, explore some of these!

Pastitsada from Corfu

Corfu has been one of the most popular destinations in the Ionian Sea since the 1960s when there was a big boom of tourism on the island.Hundreds of hotels and hostels were built and they have hosted millions of tourists over the years. In Corfu, you can visit beaches with green waters, the Achillion, the summer resort of Kaizer Goulielmou the Second and taste the famous pastitsada. Pastitsada is meat with spices and thick macaroni. The recipe used by the inhabitants of Corfu has its own secrets.They cook the meat in butter of Corfu in order to acquire its special flavor. They use many different spices, mainly cinnamon that adds sweetness to the dish and they create the sauce with red wine and vinegar , hence its deep red colour. Pastitsada can be made with both beef and chicken. Do not forget to try this dish on your next visit to the Ionian Sea.


Twisted cheese pie on Skopelos

Skopelos is a Greek island in the Sporades, an island group in the central Aegean. Sporades are known for their abundant vegetation. The trees in many cases are by the sea, creating memorable landscapes filled with natural beauty. The residents of Skopelos prepare their own pie with top quality goat cheese that makes it unique. They create by themselves the pie crust with flour, eggs and olive oil. Then, they add the filling and fry it.It is a memorable dining experience especially when accompanied with ouzo in summer afternoons by the sea.

Patatato from Amorgos

A special dish made of goat and potatoes in the pot. You can taste it in Amorgos island in the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea. The recipe includes tomato paste, onion and garlic, olive oil and slowly baked goat with potatoes. It contains spices and wine and it is a very tasty and balanced combination. There is no accommodation in Amorgos, from large Greek hotels to the smallest seaside taverns, that does not serve patatato, the most special food on the island.

Dishes from Crete

Whoever opts for Crete for their summer vacation knows very well why they return having gained extra weight. Cretan specialties, oil, cheese pies ,lamb and pork stand out . You can taste the sweet cheese pies with cheese and honey, the Cretan salted pork which the locals call apaki, and sweets such as the famous xerotigano or Cretan yoghurt pie. Do not forget to try the Cretan olives and greens grown in this blessed region. In Crete hundreds of greek hostels and hotels can offer you the famous Greek hospitality by the sea and under the greek sun.


Where to Stay

Appartment in Corfu, Greece Kerkyra Beach Apartments
Kerkyra Beach Apartments
Benitses, 49084 Corfu, Greece

Kerkyra Beach Apartments is located in Benitses Village, just a 3-minute walk from the beach. Corfu Port is 14.3 km away while Corfu International Airport is 12.3 km away.

Appartment in Corfu, Greece Lena Mare Boutique Hotel
9.3 10
Lena Mare Boutique Hotel
Acharavi, 49100 Corfu, Greece

Lena Mare Boutique Hotel is located in Acharavi resort, a 15-minute walk from the long, sandy beach. Corfu town and port is 35 km away. Corfu International Airport is 39 km away.

Hostel in Corfu, Greece Angelica's Backpacker's Hostel
9.3 10
Angelica's Backpacker's Hostel
Agios Ioannis, Karousades, 49031 Corfu, Greece

Angelica's Backpacker's Hostel is located in Agios Ioannis, Kourasades, approximately a 15-minute walk from the organised beach of Sidari. Corfu Town and Port is 35 km away. Corfu International Airport is 40 km away.