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What to do and see in Pireas

Athens ● Athens Riviera ● Pireas ● 21 February 2018

What to see and do in Pireas

Pireas is a city full of charm, history and amazing classic architecture. The beautiful marinas the picturesque spots by the beach will surprise you all  year round! Explore the hidden gems of Athens and let Pireas reveal all its secrets to you!

Marina Zeas

Marina Zeas is a beautiful marina that is just a breath away from the main port of Pireas. You can get here by bus, taxi or drive along the beach side. You can also hire a sailing boat or a speed boat at the marina and visit the greek islands that are close by such as Spetses, Hydra, Poros and Aigina. The view to the Argosaronic Gulf will make your mind travel to the islands no matter what time of the year you visit the place. The nautical museum is just a few meters right at the marina and you can visit it every day and explore the glorious nautical past of the Greeks.
Enjoy a hot cup of Greek coffee at the cafes by the sea or a cold frappe overlooking the marina and the luxurious yachts.
If you like to walk, you can even get to Piraiki neighbourhood and Mikrolimano that are about 5KM away from the marina Zeas. 
Marina Zeas


The most picturesque spot of Pireas, Mikrolimano is full of pleasant surprises. Dozens of nice cafes, taverns, restaurants, bars and a nice sea side small road where you can walk or drive through. Don't miss the nautical cafe- restaurant that is located on the right end of Mikrolimano and chose to get here before the sunset if you want to enjoy a wonderful open view to the Argosaronic Sea. 
Mikrolimano can get busy during the day especially in the weekends as it is a favourite spot for the locals as well. 
It is an ideal choice if you are visiting Athens in winter, autumn or spring.



Piraiki is a beautiful neighbourhood right on the beach and close to the post of Pireas. Be here early afternoon and you will be surprised by how busy the local taverns can be especially during the weekends. Enjoy fresh sea food and traditional dishes, drink good quality ouzo and enjoy the unlimited sea view. It is a perfect place to be on a good sunny day in winter or spring. The sea breeze, the nice beach with the rocks, the promenade will make you feel you are on a Greek Island and trust us, you will love it!

Profitis Ilias

The hilltop of Pireas, right above Marina Zeas, Mikrolimano and Kastela. Profitis Ilias is a wonderful spot of Pireas where you can enjoy a wonderful view to the marina and the Argosaronic Gulf, Athens Riviera and the south side of Athens and Attica. Profitis Ilias has also a very nice open theatre called "Veakio Theatre" which hosts various of events and live concerts during the summer. The view to Mikrolimano is just amazing! Here you will understand why Athenians love their city so much! There are so many ways to escape the busy city centre and get away to the sea that you will be surprised!


Kastela is situated between Mikrolimano and Marina Zeas and it is a wonderful place to be for a nice cup of coffee or just or a walk along the promenade. The view is fantastic and again the feeling you get is that of a cosmopolitan Greek island that welcomes guests all year round. Enjoy the wonderful local architecture and the old classic building that has been renovated with great respect to their past and local tradition.

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