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Wine tour in Santorini: an unforgettable culinary experience

Cyclades ● Santorini ● 15 May 2017

The viticulture of Santorini is famous all over the world because it produces one of the most seductive wines in the Mediterranean. The grape varieties of the island, such as the indigenous Assyrtiko, Nykteri and Vinsanto, have a unique taste thanks to the volcanic ash on the soil of the vineyards. If you want to have the opportunity to taste it, then book one of the best excursions in Santorini that will make your holidays unforgettable: a wine tour.

In Santorini, you will find many agencies that offer you a great variety of tours according to the time and money you want to spend. You can choose between private tours that last four, five, six or eight hours and start in the morning (day tours) or in the afternoon (sunset tours). If you choose the sunset version, you will be happy to enjoy the world famous sunset of the island during wine tasting with a magnificent view of the caldera.

Vineyard in Santorini

All of the wine tours in Santorini include a visit in traditional wineries with a wine-expert guide. During the visit, you can walk around the volcanic vineyard, explore the cellars of the winery and see where the wine is bottled and matured. Furthermore, you can sample many different wines and taste in addition to them also local dishes. In these private tours you can learn about the traditional techniques of wine production applied on the Aegean since antiquity.

One great advantage of these tours is that you can admire the picturesque landscape of Santorini, while moving from one vineyard to another, and explore the countryside and the traditional villages on your way. Many wine tours are combined to other excursions in Santorini, like a guided tour of the excavations in Akrotiri Minoan Site (Santorini). In this kind of tours, you learn about the long ancient history of the island, before you explore the winemaking process from grape to glass. But if you want a feast of tastes, then, choose the wine tour together with a cooking lesson. After the visit of the winery, you will help a local chef to prepare some signature dishes in a traditional restaurant and you will have the pleasure of tasting the delights of the Greek cuisine.

Winery with caldera view

If you are a cruise visitor of Santorini and you have just a few hours to explore it, the best way for you is to combine the wine tour with a panorama tour of the whole island. You can swim or sunbathe on one of the unique beaches in Santorini, visit the most famous villages of the island, Oia and Fira Santorini, and then, close your visit with the wine-tasting and feel like home.

And of course don’t forget to buy from one of the many wineries some bottles of wine that will keep you company and remind you of the great memories of your trip in Santorini.