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Zagori, a destination for tradition and nature lovers

Greece ● Ioannina ● Monodendri ● Papigo ● Zitsa ● 13 July 2016

Zagori, a destination for tradition and nature lovers


Bridges and monasteries, architectural masterpieces from nature and culture, the famous Zagorochoria (villages of Zagori). This unique destination offers a fascinating experience !

High mountains, leafy hillsides and impressive canyons. A wild and monumental land. A complex of landmark-villages, known as Zagorochoria. An authentic, enchanting destination, where each stone alley, each home had been built with white hewed stone, every old church has a really long-time story to tell.

Zagori is traditionally divided in Eastern (between the Pindos Sierra and Mount. Mitsikeli) Western (western of Mount. Tirfi) and Central (between Tirfi and Mitsikeli). All it’s aspects, the exquisite architectural creations, the breathtaking wild flora and fauna, the pathways and the interesting hiking trails, fascinate the visitor all around the year.

An ideal destination for nature lovers and hikers, Zagori is part of the regional unit of Ioannina . The 46 special - one of a kind - stone villages of Epirus (western Greece) hide an enchanting complexity. In bustling Papigo, the naked mountain rocks of the so-called Astraka mountain, rise on the back of the houses, forcing us inevitably to gaze their grandiosity. In close proximity is Aristi, the “gate” to the magic world of the Zagorian nature. In central Zagori, people gather in Monodendri in order to see the magnificent view of the Vikus Canyon. In Ano Pedina, the rhythms are slower and groups of friends gather, until late at night, at the few stores of the village. In Kipoi, things are even more relaxed, there is only a central road with non-existent traffic, the rest is full of upward slopes and downward ones ideal for exercise and strolls.

After all Zagori is a priceless “treasure”. Your journey in this land’s beauty will help you discover all its virtues. Even if you have visited this place in the past, one time is never enough since stone Zagori has still many hidden secrets and lots of stories to tell.

Where to Stay

Hotel in Ioannina, Greece Krikonis Hotel
Krikonis Hotel
10, Niarchou Str., 45500 Ioannina, Greece

Krikonis Hotel is located in Ioannina, close to the city center and close to the University of Ioannina. The National Airport of Ioannina is a 15-minute drive away from the property.

Hotel in Ioannina, Greece Agnantio Hotel
Agnantio Hotel
Ligkiades, 45500 Ioannina, Greece

Agnantio Hotel is located in the small, lovely village of Ligkiades. The center of Ioannina town is a 20-minute drive away. The National Airport of Ioannina is 12 km away.